Give your body the natural health boost it needs for natural vitality with our vitamin injections in Spokane! With vitamin D, immune boosts, lipo-mino, and vitamin B12 injections, you can enhance your body’s health and get more of the vitamins you need. Whether you want to uplift your immune system, manage your weight, or improve your mood, our vitamin injections can help you do it all.

At Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda, we focus entirely on your health and comfort. We work with you to determine the best personalized vitamin injections to help you harmonize your health. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation and find out more, or feel free to reach out with any questions!

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    What Are Vitamin Injections?

    Vitamin injections involve administering essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream through your muscles. The vitamins we inject are highly beneficial for basic bodily functions and overall well-being.

    When you periodically receive high concentrations of particular nutrients directly into your muscles, you superpower your blood, DNA, nervous system, immune system, and metabolism in ways that can benefit your overall health!


    Cost Of Vitamin Injections In Spokane, WA

    Each of our vitamin injections is priced by the unit and type. The total cost of a treatment differs by person. You can refer to our pricing page below to see the full breakdown of our vitamin injection costs. On average, our vitamin injections are $25-$32 per unit, with multi-unit discounts available!

    Our Injectable Vitamin Portfolio

    Our vitamin injections can help with depression, aid in detoxification programs, and prevent illness. Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda offers popular vitamin injections such as vitamin B12, immune boost injections, lipo-mino, and vitamin D.

    Vitamin B12

    Our vitamin B12 injection in Spokane is one of our most popular offerings. Vitamin B12 keeps our blood, brain, and nervous systems healthy. You can get plenty of vitamin B12 in meat and dairy foods, but you can’t always take in as much as you need that way. Some people might also be deficient in vitamin B12 because of a medical condition. Our vitamin B12 injections are here to help! Your mood and energy levels can skyrocket after just one shot. You can also come back regularly so the benefits keep on building.

    Immune Boosts

    Immune boost injections provide your body’s immune system with natural ingredients that fight infections and aid in recovering from illnesses. Anyone can benefit from one of our immune boost injections. Each shot contains all the natural nutrients you need to maintain a healthy immune system. With injections, you get more benefits than you would with oral supplements.

    Lipo-Mino Injections

    Lipo-mino injections are part of many people’s weight-loss journeys. They contain compounds that boost your metabolism and get rid of fat. You can experience increased energy and a reduced appetite after a lipo-mino injection. When you add regular injections to an active lifestyle, you should start to see much greater progress toward a slimmer, healthier you!

    Vitamin D Injections

    Our vitamin D injections can help your body hold onto certain minerals, increase immune health, and prevent your bones from becoming brittle and weak. Vitamin D can also lift your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. You can get vitamin D from food and sunlight, but there’s no comparing that to the amount you can take in from one of our vitamin D injections in Spokane. Shots are quick and easy, and you can come back as often as you’d like for maximum benefits!

    Benefits Of Vitamin Injections in Spokane

    1. Greater Nutrient Absorption

    We give our vitamin injections intramuscularly because that’s the most efficient way to take in nutrients, even more so than through food or supplements.

    2. Better Mood

    Your energy levels and mood can suffer from not getting enough vitamins. Our vitamin injections cut through busy lives and provide you with quick, easy health benefits!

    3. Weight Loss

    Certain vitamin injections, such as lipo-mino, can boost your overall metabolism and help you to lose weight if you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise.

    4. Stronger Immune System

    Quick, regular injections with essential nutrients is the best way to build up your immune system over time.

    5. Customized Regimens

    Everyone who walks into Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda is unique, and that’s why every vitamin injection is unique. We take the time to understand your goals so we can personalize your vitamin injection schedule.


    Each specified vitamin injection is designed to support specific health goals. These goals can range from warding off depression to losing weight, boosting your immune system, or looking younger.

    It depends on your unique need. For example, some healthcare providers recommend you use a B12 injection of up to one a week for four weeks.

    Mini-lipo injections are injected into mini-areas of unwanted fat to help you get rid of the fat.

    Vitamin pills are commonly less expensive than injections, but injections go directly into your bloodstream and do not need to pass through your digestive system.

    Vitamin injections last anywhere from two to three weeks. The normal dosage is given twice a month, but it depends on your needs.