Recapture your eyes’ stunning allure with our professional eyebrow microblading in Spokane, WA. In just one visit, you can have fuller, healthier-looking eyebrows lasting one to two years with no additional maintenance required! It’s a quick and easy solution to thin, less-defined eyebrows.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing that deposits pigment into your skin in hair-like shapes that closely resemble eyebrows. The result is eyebrows that appear natural and full, framing your face to enhance your features!

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    a woman getting microblading in Spokane, WA from Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda

    What Is Brow Microblading?

    Brow microblading involves using a handheld tool to deposit hair-like strokes of pigment within your existing eyebrows to create the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows. It’s a form of semi-permanent makeup tattooing that typically lasts one to two years before you’ll need a touchup.

    One microblading appointment can help you reclaim confidence in your eyebrows and reenter the world with a brand-new look!

    Our Brow Microblading in Spokane, WA

    Here at Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda, we aim to enhance and rejuvenate your natural beauty. We also want you to be confident in your appearance so you can live a fuller, happier life.

    Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda’s Brow Microblading Process:

    1. We consult with you to learn your ideal eyebrow shape
    2. We address all your questions and concerns about the process
    3. Come in for a single visit that usually lasts around three hours
    4. We use natural-looking brush strokes of pigment to create the ideal natural-looking eyebrows for you
    5. You enjoy your all-new look!

    Cost of Permanent Eyebrows in Spokane

    Below is the pricing structure for brow microblading, also known as permanent eyebrow, in Spokane, Washington.

    • First visit (3 hours): $550
    • Touchups (2 hours): $325

    View our microblading pricing and the cost of our other semi-permanent makeup services by clicking below:

    Benefits of Microblading Your Eyebrows

    1. The Appearance You Want

    If your eyebrows are thin or uneven, microblading can create your desired appearance, giving you more confidence.

    2. Natural Look

    Microbladed eyebrows look natural so that you can enjoy the results discreetly.

    3. Semi-Permanent

    Microblading is a form of semi-permanent eyebrows that usually hold their appearance and shape for between one and two years.

    4. Saves Time

    You’ll save time managing your eyebrows manually with this maintenance-free solution!

    5. Saves Money

    You won’t have to spend money on cosmetic products to keep up with your eyebrows. We do all the work for you in one visit, and the results last over a year!


    Microblading is safe and effective, but, as with any med spa procedure, patients assume some minor risk of side effects, including:

    • Allergic reactions
    • Infections
    • Clusters of tissue called granulomas at the site of the procedure

    We are happy to consult with you to review all your questions and concerns before you set up your microblading appointment.

    Though every patient differs, full recovery from microblading usually takes about a month. During that time, you may experience tenderness, redness, and swelling at the site of the microblading. These symptoms should go away on their own within the first month.

    You may not be a good candidate for microblading if you have skin conditions like eczema and rosacea near your eyebrows. Your results may not be ideal with these conditions.