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Experience your natural beauty like never before with our sugaring hair removal in Spokane. Our team of professional aestheticians personalize our sugaring services to you. We create a positive med spa experience by prioritizing your comfort and needs so you feel supremely confident in your skin, with minimal pain or downtime.

At the core of sugaring is an efficient process for removing unwanted hair without harsh chemicals, lasers, or abrasives, using only natural ingredients. If you have any questions about our sugaring services, reach out to Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda, and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you.

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    What Is Sugaring Hair Removal?

    Sugaring involves applying a heated all-natural paste made from water, sugar, and lemon to the skin and then pulling it off to remove hair from the follicles. The result is natural, silky-smooth skin.

    Sugaring Vs. Waxing

    If you haven’t heard of sugaring before, you’ve probably heard of waxing. Sugaring and waxing are similar methods of removing unwanted body hair, but certain critical differences make some people prefer sugaring:

    The paste used in sugaring is warm rather than hot, as with waxing, making for a more comfortable experience.
    With sugaring, a professional aesthetician pulls the paste off your skin in the direction of hair growth. Compare that to waxing, in which wax is pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth.
    Sugaring paste sticks only to hair, not skin, like waxing paste does.

    Sugaring creates smooth skin for up to three weeks, while the effects of waxing can last for about eight weeks.

    How Does Sugaring Work?

    If this is your first time seeking sugaring hair removal in Spokane, you might be unsure about the experience you will have. At Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda, we prioritize your comfort above all else. To give you a full picture of what our sugaring services involve, here is a step-by-step of how the process works:

    1. We heat water, sugar, and lemon into a liquid mixture and then cool it into a sticky, all-natural paste.
    2. We clean and dry the skin from which we are removing hair.
    3. Using a wooden instrument, we apply the warm paste to your skin in the opposite direction of hair growth.
    4. Finally, we pull the paste off your skin in the same direction as your hair growth, taking the hair from its roots as we go.

    Benefits of Sugaring

    1. Less Painful Than Waxing

    While waxing has its unique benefits, sugaring is less painful than waxing since the sugar paste isn’t as hot and pulls hair toward its growth.

    2. Fewer Ingrown Hairs

    Because sugaring pulls hair out in its natural direction, you are less likely to experience ingrown hair after sugaring.

    3. Easier Cleanup

    The paste we use in sugaring is all-natural, meaning it easily cleans off your skin with water.

    4. Sensitive Skin Areas

    Because sugaring is typically less painful than waxing and leads to fewer ingrown hairs, many people prefer sugaring for removing hair from sensitive areas, as in Brazilian sugaring.

    5. Shorter Hair

    Sugaring can grab and remove shorter hair than waxing, making it ideal for those who don’t want to wait an extra few weeks for their hair removal.


    Where Can You Get Sugaring On the Body?

    You can get sugaring anywhere on your body that you have unwanted hair. Those areas could include your eyebrows, face, bikini area, and legs.


    Cost of Sugaring Hair Removal in Spokane

    The costs for our sugaring services vary by the type of sugaring you’re getting. You can refer to our pricing page for the complete information on all services.

    • Brazilian sugaring – $65
    • Full-face sugaring – $80
    • Brow and lip sugaring – $40


    How long the treated areas of your skin will remain hairless depends on your rate of hair growth. Typically, you can expect to enjoy smooth skin for about three weeks after sugaring.

    We usually advise that, on the day of your appointment, you not use lotions or creams on the areas of skin that we will treat. That’s because those products can affect your hair in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for the sugar wax to grab and remove it. It’s also best not to get sugaring if the area of skin we will treat has sunburn, rashes, cuts, swelling, or bruises.

    Sugaring is better for those with sensitive skin or a tendency to have ingrown hairs and irritation. People using retinoids to reduce lines and wrinkles on their skin may also prefer sugaring for this reason. While the effects of waxing may last longer, the process is often a bit more painful than sugaring.

    Each technique takes the same amount of time to perform.

    Sugaring involves pulling unwanted hair directly out of the skin. This process will always hurt to some degree. We recommend taking Tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment to help lessen the pain. However, sugaring does not stick to the skin, which makes it much less painful than waxing.