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Enhancing your eyelashes gives your eyes natural beauty that leads to a no-makeup look. Lash lift and tint is a technique developed to boost your natural lashes.

A lash lift is a non-invasive and safe cosmetic treatment designed to boost the curl pattern of your lashes. A lash lift only works with your natural lashes, and no lash extension enhancements are used. Instead, this treatment boosts your natural features to their fullest potential.

A lash lift is like a permanent one for your lashes. First, your lashes will be deep conditioned, and then a bonding agent will be applied. The strength of the bonding agent will determine the curl of your lashes. For example, if you have stubby and short lashes, you may want a stronger bonding agent. A lash lift can be maintained for up to eight weeks.

A lash tint works with the shade and color of your lashes. If you have naturally light lashes, lash tints create a natural depth to your lash line. A lash tine uses natural lashes and is like applying color to your lashes. Chemicals are involved, but a professional can ensure that your natural lashes are undamaged.

A lash lift and tint at the same appointment will help your eyes look naturally beautiful. A great benefit of a lash lift and tint? You don’t have to purchase mascara and eyeliner or use harsh makeup removers and wipes.

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    Lash lifts generally take about 45 minutes, and in the hands of a professional, lifting your lashes or giving your lashes a perm is safe and gentle and leaves you with incredible lashes.

    A deep bonding agent can damage lashes, but a lash lift provides little to no damage if done professionally.

    Lashes do fall out and grow. Then, the new lashes grow back to their natural shape. It would be advisable to do your lashes every 8-10 weeks.

    The lift is done first, and then the tint.