Celebrate the natural beauty of your skin with our laser hair removal services. Say goodbye to unwanted face and body hair with our advanced laser hair removal technology, designed for your comfort and convenience.

At Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty. If hair on your arms, legs, face, or anywhere else keeps you from feeling your best, we can help. Our laser can eliminate body hair in just a few sessions, and the results can last for years.

What machine do you use?

We use Cynosure Vectus – a machine designed only for laser hair removal. It is the gold standard because it has the specific wavelength for hair and delivers the fastest most permanent results. 

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal reduces hair permanently. Future bodily changes such as hormone or thyroid changes can cause the hair to grow back. This is more common in the facial area.

Can laser hair removal treat any hair color?

Laser hair removal only works on the dark hairs, not the lighter blonde, grey, or red hairs. The hair needs to be darker than the skin color for the laser to pick up the melanin in the hair follicle.

How many treatments do I need?

Laser hair removal usually requires about 6 treatments per area in order to achieve optimal results. The treatments are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

Is it painful?

With the cooling technology of the machine improving the discomfort level of the treatment, patients have said it feels like a rubber band snap on the skin. Compared to other lasers, it is quite tolerable. There is not any lingering discomfort after the treatment. Afterwards were advise that you exfoliate the treated areas to encourage the dead hairs to shed. 
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    a woman receiving laser hair removal in Spokane, WA, from Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda

    What Is Laser hair Removal?

    Laser hair removal is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to remove hair from the body. The laser is a warm beam of light that damages and destroys hair follicles under the skin. This results in smooth skin where hair can’t regrow within the treatment area for months, years, or even permanently. The more sessions you have, the more likely hair will never grow back or grow much finer.

    Permanent Hair Removal with Cynosure Vectus Laser in Spokane, WA

    Our goal is to help you accentuate the natural beauty of your body. We want you to feel comfortable receiving any of our med spa services.

    Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda’s Laser Hair Removal Process:

    1. We consult with you on your beauty goals.
    2. We answer your questions about the process.
    3. You come in for your first session with our state-of-the-art Cynosure Vectus Laser System, which efficiently removes all hair types on large areas of various skin types.
    4. The number of treatment sessions required can vary based on your individual goals and the volume of hair being removed. Typically, you might need anywhere from two to six sessions, though some cases may require additional treatments for optimal results.
    5. You see results usually several weeks after your last treatment and can start basking in your all-natural beauty!

    Cynosure Vectus Laser System

    We use Cynosure’s Vectus laser system for our hair removal treatments at Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda. This is one of the most efficient and powerful laser hair removal systems on the market. The laser’s advanced technology removes many types of hair on a range of skin colors. Its large coverage area also means procedures are shorter. Other laser hair removal systems may lead to less impressive results and wasted time and money. Our Cynosure Vectus laser produces more impressive results faster.

    Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Spokane

    Below is the Bloom Aesthetics by Zelda pricing structure for laser hair removal in Spokane, Washington. All prices are per session:

    • Brazilian: $200
    • Full legs: $325
    • Lower legs: $250
    • Full arms: $275
    • Forearms: $250
    • Underarms: $150
    • Upper lip: $75
    • Chin: $75
    • Back: $325
    • Chest: $300

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    Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

    1. Smooth Skin

    Laser hair removal leaves you with smooth skin that you won’t need to wax, pluck, or shave for months or even years.

    2. Confidence

    You’ll be confident in your naturally beautiful appearance with smooth, hairless skin.

    3. Fast Results

    You could start seeing hair elimination within a few weeks after a session!

    4. Easy Procedure

    The removal procedure is just about painless. Some patients feel a prickly sensation from the laser, but this goes away quickly.

    5. Cost-Effective

    Permanent hair removal saves you the cost of continually buying at-home hair removal products.


    Permanent hair removal using a laser is safe and effective, but you may experience some minor side effects immediately after your treatment. These include redness, swelling, and changes in skin color. It’s usually a good idea to wear sunscreen and avoid intense sun exposure in the weeks following your treatment.

    Laser hair removal can keep your target areas of skin hairless for months or years, but some hair can still grow back. Usually, this hair will appear thinner and less noticeable. You may require touchup sessions to keep regrown hairs in check.

    Since your skin may be sensitive following laser treatment, we recommend avoiding shaving or scrubbing the affected areas until any side effects calm down. You can also use healing moisturizers to help the skin recover from the sensitivity. We will suggest more specific aftercare protocols for you after your treatment since each patient’s skin is different.