PRP / Natural Growth Factor Injections | Bloom Aesthetics | Spokane WA

PRP and Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments are remarkably similar substances used for similar reasons. However, there must be some difference between the two. This post discusses PRP vs. Natural Growth Factor Injections; which one is better for you? We will cover the purposes of these two substances, their effects, what treatments use them, their side effects and potential risks, and […]

Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for Hair Regrowth Effective?Bloom Aesthetics

The platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair regrowth promises a lot of beautiful things. It is so good to hear that it sounds like a miracle – like it is too good to be true. Are those things true; is the PRP treatment for hair regrowth effective? This post focuses on the efficacy of the PRP […]

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